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XiaoHongShu (RED)

Xiaohongshu (RED) is a lifestyle platform for young people, founded in Shanghai in 2013. It has over 100 million Monthly Active Users, 70% are post-90s in 2019.

What can happen

  • Influencers and KOLs are born when they find their identify on social media. Sometime, it takes trial and error. Only with passion, planning and sustainability that KOLs could be born.
  • When you get the right approach that is where further effort needs to apply. Up your content quality from visual and value.
  • Potential advertisers will begin to knock at door. Do not drive them away with unreasonable costing.
  • Establish on XiaoHongSHu (RED) eCommerce, market knowledge and fans community with selling component all in one go that retail platforms might not offer.
  • Enable better understanding on market wants. XiaoHongShu (RED) is one the most concentrated shoppers among existing social selling channel. WeChat is ideal as website, but falls short as engaging channel for new accounts.

KOL Strategy

  • Understand sustainable broadcast
  • Content creation
  • Broadcast strategy
  • Online, offline network
  • Advertising strategy
  • Alliance building

eCommerce build up

  • Brand persona building
  • Intentional positioning
  • Storytelling
  • Fans activities
  • Word of Mouth advertising
  • Power content with value