\ Social Media Marketing


Awards winner, Chicks is an established brand in Hong Kong using innovative raw material in their product. Work focus on social media marketing.

Goals and Results

  • Weibo and WeChat are used to broadcast Chicks Hong Kong brand  target audience.
  • Besides brand’s own social media platforms, we begin their online network on major and emerging social media channels with similar DNA fans including KOL, Audio and Visual presence and presence on lifestyle platforms.
  • Our daily organic SEO effort further helps brand to be easily found online and lead to sites from WeChat, Baidu to TMall. Allowing potential fans to find Chicks Hong Kong brand on wide range of search platforms from travel, product range to brand’s season categories. With exposure on major social media platforms (accumm. IP 25 daily).
  • Chicks’ various product lines were being promoted and achieved fans rate growth 20 times. 100% O2O success rate.


  • Social media engagement
  • Content management
  • Search results
  • KOL word-of-mouth
Step 1
Identify market competitors and structure social media strategy based on brand’s niche and goals.
Step 2
Create content base on core theme and appear on relevant platforms where fans hangout – broadcast and communicate.
Step 3
Draw online to offline exercises to build direct channel with consumers, engage them to become Chicks’ customers.